The Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Union Endorses Beth Grossman for District Attorney



The Pennsylvania State Legislative Board-BLET, The Engineers and Trainmen Union,  Endorses Beth Grossman for District Attorney.


“The Mission of the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board-BLET, Teamsters Rail Conference is to serve the membership in matters of safety and health, legislative matters, and political education. The Board has the responsibility to investigate all matters of safety when presented and is charged with working collectively with the General Committees to reach a resolve.”


“I am honored to have received the endorsement from the Pennsylvania State Legislative Board of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen.” Beth said in response when chairman Ken Kertesz informed her of the endorsement  “I respect the work these men and women do and whether they reside, work or visit Philadelphia – they all deserve to do so in a city that is safe.  I hope to have the opportunity to ensure this safety for them if elected District Attorney of Philadelphia.”

State Representative Martina White Endorses Beth Grossman for District Attorney



Pennsylvania State Representative Martina White, the first new Republican elected in Philadelphia in 25 years, has endorsed Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia. Representative White is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia and represents the 170th District, which  includes the neighborhoods of Bustleton, Millbrook, Parkwood and Somerton.



“Public safety and quality of life issues matter to all Philadelphians. That is why this November’s election for District Attorney of Philadelphia is so important. Philadelphia needs a strong District Attorney who will properly uphold and enforce the law and advocate strongly for victims and survivors of crime.


That is why I am endorsing and will be voting for Beth Grossman for District Attorney.  Beth spent over 21 years as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office, trying almost every kind of case.  When she was Chief of the Public Nuisance Task Force there, she demonstrated her commitment to neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia by helping them abate public nuisances including; nuisance and violent bars, drug houses, and problem rental properties.


She managed units for over 10 years in the District Attorney’s Office and spent one year as Chief of Staff at the Department of Licenses and Inspections.  With all of her experience, Beth can hit the ground running on day one of her term. She is a woman of integrity, compassion and experience. Please join me on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 in voting for Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia.”



Martina White

Pennsylvania State Representative

170th Legislative District


State Representative John Taylor Endorses Beth Grossman for District Attorney



Beth Grossman has received the support and endorsement of State Representative John J. Taylor. Since 1984, Representative Taylor has served Philadelphia with integrity and currently represents the 177th Legislative District , which encompasses the neighborhoods of Port Richmond and Bridesburg, as well as parts of Fishtown, Frankford, Northwood, Tacony and Mayfair.


Some of the committees and task forces Representative Taylor has served on include; co-chairman of the Joint Select Committee to Examine Elections Issues, a member of the House Select Committee on Pharmaceuticals, the Task Force on Child Care, and the Task Force on Drugs and Alcohol. He was also a member of a group of legislators from Philadelphia who spurred debate that led to a package of anti-crime measures and a new strategy toward fighting crime in the city, .


Representative Taylor cited the fact that he had worked with Beth on numerous nuisance and drug infested properties over the years when she led the Philadelphia Nuisance Task force.


“Not only did Beth and her team break up numerous dangerous drug dealing groups,” Representative Taylor said, “she provided the entire neighborhood with a sense of comfort they deserve. No one should have to live with the disruption of a drug house on their block.  Beth understood that and was able to rectify the situation on numerous occasions.”

Representative Taylor also noted Beth’s considerable experience in all aspects of the District Attorney’s office. “Beth Grossman is uniquely qualified to be our District Attorney and I look forward to working with her for the benefit of all the people of Philadelphia.  Every citizen should pay attention to this election and join me in voting for Beth Grossman for District Attorney.”

Philadelphia Inquirer has Endorsed Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia



“I am honored to have received the endorsement of the Philadelphia Inquirer,” Beth said.

Here is a small part of the endorsement editorial:

During her 21 years in Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Office, Beth Grossman went after drug dealers, gunslingers, thieves, and blighters. Her most moving reflections during a recent meeting with the Editorial Board showed passion for defending the rights of crime victims, both those who are the objects of criminal acts and those who are trapped in neighborhoods besieged by violence and neglect.


That clear vision of who the district attorney’s clients are makes a compelling case for her candidacy. Her prosecutorial and administrative experience, thoughtfulness, and flexibility seal the deal.


Read the full endorsement editorial here. 

Philadelphia Firefighter and Paramedic Union Endorse Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia

FF Local 22


Philadelphia Firefighter and Paramedic Union, Local 22, President Edward Marks and Vice President Charles McQuilkin sent the following letter to Beth Grossman:


The Executive Board and Membership of Local 22 are proud to stand with our brothers and sisters in blue, FOP Lodge 5, and unanimously endorse your candidacy for district attorney of Philadelphia.


With this endorsement, Beth has now received unanimous endorsements from all major public safety unions in Philadelphia: The Fraternal Order of Police, Fraternal Order of Transit Police, and Philadelphia Firefighter and Paramedic Union.

Why isn’t anyone talking about Tavonia Love?




In May of this year,  in Philadelphia, Tavonia Love was killed by her ex-boyfriend Anthony Eubanks. Love was in town at the time to give testimony against Eubanks. Eubanks’ defense attorney was Larry Krasner.  Krasner has consistently evaded questions about his involvement in this case.



Since 2004, 1,678 people have been killed in Domestic Violence incidents in PennsylvaniaNearly 30% of all African American females are victimized by a partner in their lifetime. That is a rate over two times higher than the rate domestic violence affects any other race in America. Domestic Violence is often left out of public conversations on violence, especially against women of color. Unfortunately, these crimes do not get the attention in society, or the media, that they deserve.



Worldwide studies of Domestic Violence reporting indicate that coverage of Domestic Violence furthers the stigma and misunderstanding about the seriousness of this kind of violence. This can be seen in the coverage of the murder of Tavonia Love, where the words “Domestic Violence” are not used in much of the coverage on her death despite the  assaults Love reported Eubanks made against her. Even with the continued documentation of the crimes against Love, Eubanks was allowed to evade justice,  and provided with the opportunity to murder Love before taking his own life.



Homicide is the leading cause of death for women under the age of 44, according to a report by the CDC, and over half of those are at the hands of a former or current intimate partner. These women are victims of serious crimes. When incidents of domestic violence against women of color are not taken seriously, and defense attorneys like Krasner make it possible for violent offenders to continue to terrorize victims, those situations can escalate to the kinds of horrific violence like that experienced by Tavonia Love.



During this Domestic Violence Awareness Month it is time to take violence against women, and in particular women of color, more seriously, before something like this happens again.









Statement on white supremacist rally at Fairmount Park



On Saturday, October 14, 2017, a group of white supremacists gathered in Fairmount Park.  Beth Grossman, a Jewish woman and fourth-generation Philadelphian, who has spent much of her legal career seeking justice for crime victims, was deeply affected by the demonstration.



The next day, Sunday, October 15, 2017, Beth was at the Shaare Shamayim Synagogue Candidates’ Forum, the only District Attorney candidate to appear at the event that day. After the event, she reflected on recent events of vandalism against the Jewish community in Philadelphia over the past year: Temple Menorah Keneseth Chai in Tacony, vandalized three times since last December; the vandalism of Congregation Beth Solomon; and repeated desecration of graves at Mt. Carmel Cemetery.



“The white supremacist gathering in our City of Brotherly Love, does nothing in reducing divisiveness that exists all over as of late. As a Jewish woman, I find it disturbing and unsettling,” Beth said, “especially after seeing Nazi flags being waved in Charlottesville.”



While, as Mayor Kenney stated in response to the events, “the First Amendment is the First Amendment”, and thus affords citizens the right to rally, protest, and chant, it also affords citizens the right to disagree.



Beth said, “As an American, I value this right,” and applauded the Philadelphia Police Department for maintaining the peace, she went on to say: “I neither approve nor condone this originally planned event. Philadelphia does not need this. And that is my protest.”



Philadelphia papers focus on experience



Learn more about Beth from these recent interviews:



Beth Grossman, the Republican candidate for District Attorney of Philadelphia

from Al Dia News by Edwin Lopez Moya


Grossman claims that her more than 21 years of experience are her best cover letter for the position. She says that these two decades in the field have allowed her to know in depth what works and what doesn’t in the entity.

To make the changes required by the investigative body, Grossman assures that her strategy, if elected, will be to implement a preventive approach that will help reduce the prison population through the strengthening of alternative criminal programs such as pre-arrest diversion, youth court and re-entry programs.

According to the Republican candidate, these programs have proven to be successful because they “get more results especially with our young people” since it prevents them from going through traumatic experiences like criminal prosecution in a court.

“My goal is really to not increase convictions but to reduce arrests for the right reasons, because less crime has being committed. We still have gun violence and I am going to take a hard stance on that, including illegal gun possession that is problematic [and] for whatever reasons the DA Office for the past several years has really decreased addressing that. I think we’ve lost too many people to gun violence, that’s the real cause of the death here and I think we really have to go after that,” she said.


Read more here.



Grossman cites experience in bid for Philly DA

from Philadelphia Inquirer by Chris Brennan


Grossman said she never expected to run for the office where she spent 21 years as an assistant. Blame that on Seth Williams, a onetime boss, who will be sentenced Oct. 24 after pleading guilty to a federal count of bribery.

After moving to the Department of Licenses and Inspections in 2015, Grossman entered the race in January, itching to take on Williams. Her slogan: “Beth, not Seth.”

Williams, a Democrat, was still seeking a third term, but dropped out in February and was indicted in March.

Philadelphia political corruption made Grossman a Republican, she said. She left the Democrats in 2013, returned in 2015 and went back to the GOP last year.

Though she said she was fed up with the way Williams operated, Grossman allowed that he made improvements. She praised his use of diversionary programs for nonviolent offenders and a move to assign the trial division geographically, putting prosecutors closer to neighborhoods.


Read more here.


Returning Citizens For A Better Philadelphia (CAC)  Endorse Beth Grossman For The Next District Attorney Of Philadelphia


“On A Quest For Parity”

Returning Citizens For A Better Philadelphia (CAC) Endorse Beth Grossman For The Next District Attorney Of Philadelphia

Press Conference – Tuesday, September 26th, 2017


Freedom Fighters Martin Luther King Jr.,  Harriet Tubman, and Octavius Catto are some notable Black American Republicans.  But Philadelphia’s District Attorney race is not about parties or politics, it’s about principles and issues.  It is about people.


Our vote is for Beth Grossman because of her love for our City and our Citizens as well as the United States Constitution.  Our Constitution makes it clear there are Laws  and what the Supreme Order is.  As we see today, without order we will have chaos.


Beth Grossman is willing to be one of the first soldiers to take a stand,  which is why we must stand with Justice and we must stand with Beth Grossman.


Our main concerns are public safety, prevention through education, and re-entry without reoffending.  We need a strong prosecutor like Beth Grossman who:

prefers education over incarceration

supports alternative means of corrections

can hit the ground running

has a relationship with all of Philadelphia’s communities

is on a quest for parity


You do not have to change parties or even have a party affiliation.  You only have to be registered to vote, and then make sure you get to the polls to vote for Beth Grossman for DA on November 7th.





It is time to get serious about victims of gun violence in Philadelphia


Thursday morning we all woke up to the news that 6 people were shot and 2 killed, in the Strawberry Mansion and Grays Ferry neighborhoods. As of today, Friday October 6, 2017, 233 people have been killed this year in Philadelphia. That is up 8% from last year. On September 25th a piece on the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims appeared on this website, members of this campaign staff attended events in Philadelphia to commemorate murder victims, some to honor murder victims from their own families.  Since that day 11 people have been murdered by gun violence in Philadelphia. That is one person killed every day over the past 11 days and 90% of those being killed are young men. 78% are African American, 15% are Hispanic, and most of them never make it to their 30th birthday. Tragic gun violence is hurting our city every day and while the recent declaration of gun violence being a public health crisis by city council is worth applauding, it is only symbolic. We need more than symbolic gestures and rallies after tragedies. We need to get serious about gun violence.


The agenda of the Democratic candidate for DA, Larry Krasner, has skewed the conversations in the District Attorney’s Race about crime in our city, in the media, at debates, at forums, and it must end. Many of those outlets have not been talking about, or asking questions about, the most important job of the District Attorney: serving and protecting victims and witnesses of crime. When people are being shot and killed every day in Philadelphia we need to talk about victims and how those deaths are affecting our communities.


The Democratic candidate has a difficult time talking about supporting victims and witnesses of crime, because he has defended people in violent shooting crimes. He has recently worked with Jack McMahon, a former prosecutor who is known for creating instructional videos on how to prevent ‘young blacks’ from serving on juries. Together they have defended violent robberies where guns were used , questioning surviving victims of those crimes until they were brought to tears. Krasner sought out McMahon’s assistance when he actively petitioned for the endorsement of the FOP. The FOP decided they wanted nothing to do with that.
“During my 21 1/2 years as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office,” Beth said, “I prosecuted individuals for illegal possession of guns.  I prosecuted drug cases that involved both drugs and guns.  I prosecuted those who harmed people by shooting them.  Additionally, for eight years, I was the Chief of the Public Nuisance Task Force, the unit which worked with communities to close down violent bars where gun violence happened. Some of these bars included the Jaguar Lounge, Club Solo, the Felton Supper Club and the Corral Bar.”


The Democratic candidate and his supporters refuse to talk about victims of crime in Philadelphia, while he speaks about the African American and Hispanic community in terms as if they are all criminals. They are not. These are valuable members of our communities and city at large being gunned down in our streets every day and we need to talk about that, we need to provide support and resources for these families experiencing loss. The work of the District Attorney’s Office is to give a voice to victims. It is time to get serious with how we talk about victims of crime in Philadelphia, especially in relation to the race for District Attorney. 


“If elected District Attorney of Philadelphia,” Beth said, “I pledge to vigorously prosecute gun crimes in order to prevent lives from being lost and to make neighborhoods safer.”