For over 21 ½ years, Beth served as an Assistant District Attorney in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. She proudly served in every division of the office, including Trials, Juvenile, Law, Investigations and Narcotics.  Her diverse experience, which includes over ten years of supervisory and management experience, includes:

Chief Assistant District Attorney – Public Nuisance Task Force

  • Worked with community groups and city agencies to abate public nuisances in neighborhoods all throughout Philadelphia.  These nuisances included drug houses and businesses, dangerous bars, abandoned lots, negligent landlords and other quality of life issues that harm neighborhoods.
  • Conducted a two-year grand jury investigation of a large warehouse fire that resulted in the tragic deaths of two firefighters.

Chief Assistant District Attorney – Dangerous Drug Offender Unit        

  • Oversaw the investigation and prosecution of mid to upper-level drug dealers, using all investigatory tools including wiretaps.

Assistant Chief Assistant District Attorney – Municipal Court Unit

  • Trained and supervised entry-level prosecutors responsible for prosecuting thousands of misdemeanor trials and felony preliminary hearings a year.

Assistant District Attorney – Special Investigations Unit

  • Investigated and prosecuted cases involving municipal corruption and other crimes committed by city employees.

Assistant District Attorney – Civil Litigation Unit

  • Represented the District Attorney’s Office and its employees in civil matters.

Assistant District Attorney – Municipal Court, Juvenile and Trial Units

  • Tried hundreds of cases, including robberies, assaults, and child sexual abuse cases.


In April of 2015, Beth resigned from the District Attorney’s Office to become Chief of Staff at the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections, where she gained experience in overseeing and managing a large city department.  During her tenure there, Beth oversaw the implementation of new demolition contractor license legislation and requirements to ensure that incidents like the demolition tragedy that occurred at 22nd and Market do not happen again.  At Licenses and Inspections, Beth also worked with city agencies including the Commerce Department in addressing public nuisances and improving residential and commercial corridors.


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