Philly’s DA Office: Improving relationships between communities and police


Within Philadelphia exists a great deal of criminal justice and public safety concerns. This includes the need to improve relationships between communities and the police.

Recently, in light of the heated protest in front of a police officer’s home and the Support the Blue rally at the FOP, nasty name calling came from both John McNesby and Larry Krasner-supporter Asa Khalif. Let me make clear, I do not condone any name calling from either side.

If elected come November, I seek to run a District Attorney’s Office where all prosecutors, law enforcement personnel and support staff speak to everyone, including the public and to one another, with respect.  All District Attorney’s Office employees will handle themselves professionally and ethically while pursuing justice, ensuring that everyone’s Constitutional rights, including those accused of crime, are upheld, and championing the rights of victims and survivors of crime.

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