Enough is enough


On January 6, 2017, I announced that I would run as a Republican candidate for District Attorney of Philadelphia in the May primary election.  On that day, in front of what had been my parents’ candy store on Kensington Avenue, I explained that I was running to free Philadelphia from the dangerous corruption of one-party rule. Democracy only works when there is a system that holds everyone accountable for their actions. Elected officials are subject to the checks and balances put forth by the laws we are all beholden to.


Nine months later, corruption continues.  This week it was reported that Municipal Court Judge Jimmie Moore resigned and will plead guilty to making false statements in his campaign-finance filings about a $90,000 payment from United States Representative Bob Brady’s campaign. The filing charged that Moore “knowingly falsified, concealed and covered up the payment from the Federal Election Commission.” All of those dealing with corruption issues since I announced my candidacy are Democrats.  Since 2013, Philadelphia has seen far too many investigations, indictments and guilty pleas or convictions of Democratic public officials. This includes judges, State Representatives, a United States Congressman, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General and Philadelphia’s own District Attorney. I switched parties and chose to run as a Republican because I have had enough with one party rule in Philadelphia for over 60 years.


No political party is inherently corrupt, as well, no party is excluded from suffering from corruption. When any party is in power for so long, it can result in complacency. The District Attorney’s Office, with its mission to seek justice and fairly and ethically enforce our laws, is the right office to start making a change and holding people accountable, despite party affiliation.  Public corruption must not continue to be tolerated.  If elected District Attorney, I pledge to prosecute political and municipal corruption because I would truly be the District Attorney of all of the people in our city. Philadelphia and its residents deserve nothing less.


This corruption can end by electing someone without the backing of the Democratic party machine. By electing someone whose campaign has not been backed by an out-of-town billionaire with an agenda, who knows nothing about the problems and needs of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods.
Philadelphians, we can all make a statement on November 7, 2017. Together we can say: We vote to end the culture of corruption in Philadelphia, enough is enough.



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