The Fraternal Order of Transit Police Endorse Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia

The Fraternal Order of Transit Police, FOTP Lodge #109 is proud to announce its endorsement of Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia.

As law enforcement officers we feel very strongly about who should be the head law enforcement official of the nation’s 5th largest city. Many of our officers not only work in Philadelphia, but live here as well. Beth Grossman has had a 21-year career with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, serving in a variety of departments and at many different levels of the office. During her time with the Public Nuisance Task Force she addressed public nuisance crimes including drug houses and businesses and quality of life issues.

Beth Grossman will hold everyone accountable for their actions equally and fairly, from public and elected officials to everyday citizens. This is why, putting all personal political opinions and affiliations aside, the FOTP Union’s Executive Board voted unanimously in favor of endorsing Beth Grossman to be the next District Attorney in Philadelphia. We feel she is the best and ONLY option in this election and for the future of our great city.

Beth Grossman for District Attorney!
Fraternal Order of Transit Police



FOP Lodge #109


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