Regarding the recent FOP fundraiser and BLM protest 


Unions defend and support their members in many capacities.  That is why they exist and why their members pay dues.  I understand why the FOP defends and supports its members. I also understand why BLM is angry and protesting. Both are within their rights to do what they are doing. However, divisiveness accomplishes nothing and relationships between the police and communities need to be strengthened.
While I received the FOP endorsement, both myself and my opponent were asked to meet with the FOP for endorsement consideration. My opponent not only sought out this endorsement, he campaigned in an attempt to obtain the FOP endorsement.  This included bringing a former veteran prosecutor with him to address the FOP members in seeking out the endorsement.
My 21 years as a prosecutor is the reason behind the many endorsements I have received.  Whether I was prosecuting a police officer, city worker, a pill pushing doctor or child predator, I’ve prosecuted them all with integrity. An endorsement does not mean I wholly support or am obligated to those that endorse me. It means those making the endorsement believe I am the most qualified person for the position.
For the sake of peace in Philadelphia, I encourage Mayor Jim Kenney and members of City Council to facilitate a dialogue between BLM and the FOP. Maintaining divisiveness is distracting from creating greater understanding in our city. A peaceful dialogue needs to be facilitated between these parties by the elected officials of our city to ensure that every Philadelphian experiences the quality of life that they deserve.

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