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Philadelphia papers focus on experience

Contact Information

Phone: 267.670.1906


Endorsements & Support

  • Philadelphia Republican Party
    Philadelphia Black Republican Ward Leaders Caucus
  • Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5
  • Returning Citizens 4′ A Better Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania State Police Fraternal Order of Police, Pioneer Lodge #37
  • Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement Fraternal Order of Police Quaker Lodge #58
  • Custodes Pacis Lodge #2085 – Italian American Fraternal Order of Police
  • United Veterans Council of Philadelphia, Inc.
  • Spanish American Law Enforcement Association (S.A.L.E.A.)*
  • National Coalition of Latino Officers*
  • Fraternal Order of Transit Police



Learn more about Beth from these recent interviews:



Beth Grossman, the Republican candidate for District Attorney of Philadelphia

from Al Dia News by Edwin Lopez Moya


Grossman claims that her more than 21 years of experience are her best cover letter for the position. She says that these two decades in the field have allowed her to know in depth what works and what doesn’t in the entity.

To make the changes required by the investigative body, Grossman assures that her strategy, if elected, will be to implement a preventive approach that will help reduce the prison population through the strengthening of alternative criminal programs such as pre-arrest diversion, youth court and re-entry programs.

According to the Republican candidate, these programs have proven to be successful because they “get more results especially with our young people” since it prevents them from going through traumatic experiences like criminal prosecution in a court.

“My goal is really to not increase convictions but to reduce arrests for the right reasons, because less crime has being committed. We still have gun violence and I am going to take a hard stance on that, including illegal gun possession that is problematic [and] for whatever reasons the DA Office for the past several years has really decreased addressing that. I think we’ve lost too many people to gun violence, that’s the real cause of the death here and I think we really have to go after that,” she said.


Read more here.



Grossman cites experience in bid for Philly DA

from Philadelphia Inquirer by Chris Brennan


Grossman said she never expected to run for the office where she spent 21 years as an assistant. Blame that on Seth Williams, a onetime boss, who will be sentenced Oct. 24 after pleading guilty to a federal count of bribery.

After moving to the Department of Licenses and Inspections in 2015, Grossman entered the race in January, itching to take on Williams. Her slogan: “Beth, not Seth.”

Williams, a Democrat, was still seeking a third term, but dropped out in February and was indicted in March.

Philadelphia political corruption made Grossman a Republican, she said. She left the Democrats in 2013, returned in 2015 and went back to the GOP last year.

Though she said she was fed up with the way Williams operated, Grossman allowed that he made improvements. She praised his use of diversionary programs for nonviolent offenders and a move to assign the trial division geographically, putting prosecutors closer to neighborhoods.


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