State Representative Martina White Endorses Beth Grossman for District Attorney



Pennsylvania State Representative Martina White, the first new Republican elected in Philadelphia in 25 years, has endorsed Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia. Representative White is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia and represents the 170th District, which  includes the neighborhoods of Bustleton, Millbrook, Parkwood and Somerton.



“Public safety and quality of life issues matter to all Philadelphians. That is why this November’s election for District Attorney of Philadelphia is so important. Philadelphia needs a strong District Attorney who will properly uphold and enforce the law and advocate strongly for victims and survivors of crime.


That is why I am endorsing and will be voting for Beth Grossman for District Attorney.  Beth spent over 21 years as a prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office, trying almost every kind of case.  When she was Chief of the Public Nuisance Task Force there, she demonstrated her commitment to neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia by helping them abate public nuisances including; nuisance and violent bars, drug houses, and problem rental properties.


She managed units for over 10 years in the District Attorney’s Office and spent one year as Chief of Staff at the Department of Licenses and Inspections.  With all of her experience, Beth can hit the ground running on day one of her term. She is a woman of integrity, compassion and experience. Please join me on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 in voting for Beth Grossman for District Attorney of Philadelphia.”



Martina White

Pennsylvania State Representative

170th Legislative District


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