Statement by Philadelphia District Attorney Candidate Beth Grossman on Mayor’s Endorsement of Opponent


“I am the candidate with the proven track record for fighting crime
instead of coddling criminals.” – Beth Grossman

Philadelphia District Candidate Beth Grossman issued the following statement today in response to Mayor Jim Kenney’s endorsement of her Democratic opponent:

Mayor Kenney’s endorsement of my opponent demonstrates that for him, November’s election for District Attorney of Philadelphia is about partisan politics over public safety.

So, let’s set the record straight about what is at stake in the upcoming election.

I do not consider myself the “Republican candidate” for District Attorney. Nor do I consider myself the “woman candidate.” Or even the “two-fisted candidate” (as some have rightly described me). I am the experienced candidate… the candidate with the proven track record for fighting crime instead of defending criminals. And above all, I am the people’s candidate. All of which Mayor Kenney conveniently overlooked.

I served for over 21 years as an Assistant District Attorney in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. I have tried almost every kind of case and served in every division in the office. For eight years, I headed up a unit that dealt with public nuisance and quality of life issues in neighborhoods all over Philadelphia. During that time, I attended hundreds of community meetings all over the city, meeting and listening to residents about problems in their neighborhoods and figuring out ways to address these issues.

Unlike my inexperienced, criminal coddling opponent, I am not backed by a European billionaire who has wreaked havoc worldwide. A European billionaire who knows nothing about Philadelphia, its multitude of neighborhoods nor the distinct public safety and quality of life issues affecting each individual neighborhood. He is a disreputable European billionaire who doesn’t care about anything but his own agenda. A European billionaire who purchased the Democratic primary nomination for my opponent. A European billionaire who knows nothing about the good, decent, law-abiding people of Philadelphia – and (like my opponent) could not care less.

I am proud of the fact that I am not endorsed by Philadelphia’s Mayor. A Mayor who imposed the soda tax upon us which has harmed small businesses and caused hardworking Philadelphians their jobs. A Mayor who oversees a city which has had a steady increase in homicides since he took office. A Mayor who has endorsed my opponent who has never prosecuted a criminal case – but has eagerly made his money on the other side.
The role of the District Attorney is to prosecute the criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania fairly, justly and ethically — and to protect everyone’s constitutional rights in the criminal justice system, including those accused of crime. This is the most paramount obligation of any prosecutor. Diversionary programs, drug and alcohol treatment and community service all play an important role in preventing recidivism than straight up incarceration. And we all agree that community policing and building trust between communities and the police must continue to improve.

However, somewhere along the line, the right of Philadelphians to live free from crime and fear in their own neighborhoods has become been given short shrift by our current mayor and his handpicked candidate. Residents who just want to peacefully and productively live their own lives, safely walk their own streets, raise their families and let their kids play outside have been sacrificed by the Mayor and my opponent on the perverse altar of so-called criminal rights above all else. The total safety for all Philadelphians must and should be a priority for any District Attorney. Conducting a grand social justice experiment in coddling criminals at the cost of public safety and quality of life will result in Philadelphia becoming like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit.

And I will not allow this to happen.

First and foremost, I am a Philadelphian. And I love this city and its people. That’s why I am committed to putting public safety over petty, partisan politics. Crime doesn’t care about party labels or political pandering. And neither do I.


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