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Why isn’t anyone talking about Tavonia Love?

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  • Philadelphia Republican Party
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  • Returning Citizens 4′ A Better Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania State Police Fraternal Order of Police, Pioneer Lodge #37
  • Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement Fraternal Order of Police Quaker Lodge #58
  • Custodes Pacis Lodge #2085 – Italian American Fraternal Order of Police
  • United Veterans Council of Philadelphia, Inc.
  • Spanish American Law Enforcement Association (S.A.L.E.A.)*
  • National Coalition of Latino Officers*
  • Fraternal Order of Transit Police




In May of this year,  in Philadelphia, Tavonia Love was killed by her ex-boyfriend Anthony Eubanks. Love was in town at the time to give testimony against Eubanks. Eubanks’ defense attorney was Larry Krasner.  Krasner has consistently evaded questions about his involvement in this case.



Since 2004, 1,678 people have been killed in Domestic Violence incidents in PennsylvaniaNearly 30% of all African American females are victimized by a partner in their lifetime. That is a rate over two times higher than the rate domestic violence affects any other race in America. Domestic Violence is often left out of public conversations on violence, especially against women of color. Unfortunately, these crimes do not get the attention in society, or the media, that they deserve.



Worldwide studies of Domestic Violence reporting indicate that coverage of Domestic Violence furthers the stigma and misunderstanding about the seriousness of this kind of violence. This can be seen in the coverage of the murder of Tavonia Love, where the words “Domestic Violence” are not used in much of the coverage on her death despite the  assaults Love reported Eubanks made against her. Even with the continued documentation of the crimes against Love, Eubanks was allowed to evade justice,  and provided with the opportunity to murder Love before taking his own life.



Homicide is the leading cause of death for women under the age of 44, according to a report by the CDC, and over half of those are at the hands of a former or current intimate partner. These women are victims of serious crimes. When incidents of domestic violence against women of color are not taken seriously, and defense attorneys like Krasner make it possible for violent offenders to continue to terrorize victims, those situations can escalate to the kinds of horrific violence like that experienced by Tavonia Love.



During this Domestic Violence Awareness Month it is time to take violence against women, and in particular women of color, more seriously, before something like this happens again.









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