Thank you
for coming to donate to my campaign.  We
have a real opportunity to win this race. In an “off-year” election cycle,
voter turnout in Philadelphia is markedly lower.  Past results and voting trends indicate that
there will be around 100,000 votes cast in November out of nearly 1 million
registered Philadelphia voters
. It is indisputable that sufficient votes exist
in Philadelphia to win this race.

We are doing
a lot, but we can’t be successful without your help.  Whatever amount you are
willing to contribute would be most appreciated – we stretch every dollar in my

I ask you to
proudly join me in this campaign to promote much needed change in the District
Attorney’s Office and to allow me to ensure that all Philadelphians have a high
level of public safety and a good quality of life.

Thank you so
much for your generosity and support.



Campaign Finance Law Limits

contributions to citywide races are limited to $6,000 per person and                  partnerships/sole
proprietorships can contribute up to $23,800 per year.

Political contributions are not tax deductible.